GOOD1597 EH1593 BAD1676

Have you heard? Lucas de Groot is working on a new set of typefaces, similar to Thesis!
Really? Theserif and Thesans were awesome. What’s this next series called?


GOOD1607 EH1683 BAD1672

In the 18th century, how did the doctors treat Bodoni’s ball terminal illness?

With a bit of blood-leading.


GOOD1714 EH1664 BAD1625

Why couldn’t the designer use Perpetua in his animation?

Perpetua motion is impossible.


GOOD1655 EH1670 BAD1661

Professor: “Jacob, I was very disappointed to see your editorial spread. You know Verdana was meant for on-screen displays. What did I tell you about using the default system fonts?”
Student: “But sir, I had a very good reason for using Verdana.”
Professor: “What historical or cultural ties could Verdana have in Hound of the Baskervilles? You might as well have used Baskerville!”
Student: “That would’ve been too obvious. But since my spread was on Sherlock Holmes, I figured that it would be appropriate to use a font that was all about the little hints.”


GOOD1854 EH1652 BAD1677

What typeface do fish fear most?

Gill Sans


GOOD1659 EH1626 BAD1679

After cherishing and kissing all of her typed love letters, Peggy contracted this…

Andale Mono


GOOD1688 EH1730 BAD1650

What typographical term are Siamese twins most familiar with?

by Niko Bellic


GOOD1639 EH1694 BAD1766

Monkey 1: What’s your favorite font?
Monkey 2: Why, Ape-X Sans, of course!


GOOD1880 EH1672 BAD1726

How did the typeface cross the gutter?

He jumped.
by Brad

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