GOOD1759 EH1633 BAD1765

A traffic cop pulls over an ellipsis for speeding and asks, “Where’s the fire, buddy?” The ellipsis replies “hmm… ummm… uhhhh… ahh…”


GOOD1705 EH1752 BAD1759

What kind of music does Franklin Gothic enjoy?

The Heavy Metal Type.


GOOD1693 EH1818 BAD1753

I got this neat idea for a movie. You know Paul Renner, right?
Duh, he designed Futura. Classic, but clunky, not as nice as Avenir.
Right on! Imagine what Paul would do if he laid eyes on Avenir.
Impossible. He died 32 years before it was designed.
Not in my movie. Let’s say he’s found this time machine…and he uses it to to spy on Frutiger’s drafts for Avenir, and he comes back in time, uses the knowledge gained, and revises his own Futura!
That’s crazy, yo. What would the movie be called?
Back to the Futura.
Fucking brilliant.


GOOD1751 EH1701 BAD1857

Where should you look if you’re missing a glyph?

The Lost-and-Foundry


GOOD1679 EH1853 BAD1842

How long does it take for a type designer to change a light bulb?

It depends on if you need it to be normal, bold, or heavy.


GOOD1825 EH1835 BAD1855

What was history’s most well-spoken typeface?

Times. Because Times Knew Roman.


GOOD1843 EH1771 BAD1941

What kind of fonts do Campbell’s Soup lovers prefer?

Anything Condensed.


GOOD1763 EH1834 BAD1794

Why was Sara mad when Gary put display type into her gelatin mix?

It set solid.