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Why didn’t the sickly editor complain about the missing accent marks in the French articles?

She didn’t wanna diacritic.
by BobbyD


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Typographic Illusion: Perpetua Motion


Hello all! After a few posts in the dark, I'm quietly announcing the launch of another website on type. It's called Notes on Type. It'll function as a notebook of things I've learned, noticed, designed, and developed regarding lettering and typography. We'll see how it goes. Hope yall enjoy! And as always, keep sending your Typographunnies by using that form on the right side of the page.


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What do letters do when they get overworked?

They take line breaks!


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Bob: Why the long face, Helvetica Compressed?
Helvetica Compressed: Remember that Bembo from the club last night? She was the Open Type. She let me kiss her and I contracted Monotype!
Bob: Oh man, that sounds horrible! At least you're not your cousin, Helvetica STD.
Helvetica Compressed: Yeah, it's bad enough living with Type 1 diabetes!


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What kind of fonts do relativistic physicists prefer?

Anything light.


Max Kerning.

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