GOOD1735 EH1742 BAD1708

Which are the most communicative typefaces?

The open type ones.
by Bernat


GOOD1659 EH1514 BAD1643

What’s a typographer’s least favourite movie?

Annie (they hate orphans)
by illustraik


GOOD1731 EH1519 BAD1782

My girlfriend has her “time of the month” so often that she has colons… One period on top of another.
by bda


GOOD1641 EH1526 BAD1702

Did you know Dorothy’s (of the Wizard of Oz) aunt was a famous typographer?
Yes, Auntie Em.
by Peter Miller


GOOD1616 EH1518 BAD1742

A sad Font Family Reunion:
“How is Arnold Boecklin?” “Died from Leading poising.”
“Have you seen Shelly Andante?” “Killed when a Drop Cap fell on her.”
“Where is Baker Signet?” “Orphaned at the end of a very important paragraph.”
“I heard you were living in Raleigh.” “We were, but we Defaulted on our loan and live in Courier now.”
“How’s your leg after that wound?” “Fine. But this CopperPlate keeps setting off metal detectors!
by Terpacks


GOOD1895 EH1622 BAD1771

So you have more than 5 styles but that doesn’t make you the center of the Univers.
Oh, look who’s talking, now go to Hell Vetica!


GOOD2140 EH1533 BAD1635

How many art directors does it take to change a lightbulb?

Does it have to be a lightbulb?
by JohnGar


GOOD1862 EH1725 BAD1779

How many typesetters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One, but you have to specify how tight you want it.
by Mark S.


GOOD1682 EH1583 BAD1978


GOOD2049 EH1616 BAD1835

What did the 8 say to the infinity symbol?

Wake up!

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